Project Description

When working with a family of brands, the challenge presented is: where to begin and where the problems are overall. The Pail team began by discovering what was needed by working from the inside of the organization and then outward towards customers. We started with a global brand workshop. A representative from each malting facility traveled internationally to Vancouver, Washington. This included a two day workshop that Chris Bartell led, to refine the voice, keywords, brand words and messaging of GrainCorp Malt which then led to the crafting of a global brand video and message. International marketing strategist, Daniel Friedlander, crafted our strategy, analysis and brand governance.

GrainCorp Malt is an international, performance-driven malt supplier. It operates in the United States as Great Western Malting Co. in Canada as Canada Malting Co. Limited in Australia as Barrett Burston Malting in the United Kingdom as Bairds Malt Limited and in Germany as Schill Malz.