Project Description

A Fresh Brand Story
Branding starts with a clear understanding of who a brand or company is. We began our project scope with a two day workshop of internal Great Western Malt employees and developed a language, keywords and story that paved the way for a complete visual make-over.

What We Did
Giving an 80 year malting company a facelift doesn't happen overnight. Our marketing research, workshops, competitive mapping and interviews to dive deep into this companies 'why', unveiled the ingredients created for the modern day look that they needed. Great Western Malt is at the heart of the craft brewing and distilling industry. Beer and whisky are made with malt, from processed barley grown in the Pacific Northwest and Idaho. This 80 year old agri-business company went through a branding and marketing refresher and we built their strategy from the inside out.

The Tools We Developed
A new brand logo, tag line, copywriting, print collateral and marketing brochure, shot new photography library, signage on-site, print ad campaign for nine publications, product photography, a brand video, presentations, hats, cups, website, trade-show graphics, package design and story for thirty products, email marketing templates, presentation templates, a marketing plan for launch, and social media marketing plan.

View the brand video and website re-design and follow them on IG @greatwesternmalt