Old Town’s First Brewery Gets A Rebrand

Old Town’s First Brewery Gets A Rebrand


When we moved into our building about ten years ago, there was no good coffee shop nearby. A few years later, PINTS opened downstairs serving coffee and pastries. Score! Soon after, they started serving amazing beer in the afternoon (double score), then opened for lunch, dinner, events, and began brewing beer onsite. Now they are a popular taproom and also offer whiskey (triple score) a full menu, and are on the very popular BREWVANA beer tour (learn more here…)

So when the PINTS people came to us for a project inquiry on rebranding them, we were more than excited to join the team. Not only did they get a new brand, (seen here) but we consulted on the interior paint colors that changed the feel inside, and designed and installed the new window graphics, t-shirts and hats, stickers, coasters and everything else this up and coming hidden gem in the Old Town District of Portland Oregon needed to brand more beer!

If you see below, the old brand was very flat, had outdated typography and wasn't an appealing look and feel to the ever-growing craft brew environment. The PINTS building is made up of old brick interior and the art on the walls is of gritty old Portland photos and relics. It's a great little bar/brewery where you can go get a PINT after work. We wanted the brand to reflect, old, have some energy that emulated the power of their tag line, "PINTS FOR THE PEOPLE", use similar colors, communicate beer (not coffee) and say Brewing Company. We've posted some of the previous versions that came out of the creative process before we finalized the brand. We settled on the wood-cut typography version, we angled it to give it more of a vintage feel while also adding a small flag that communicated the brewery aspect. The hops icon gives it that additional beer symbolism and the bottle cap shape also communicates the grittier direction of this brand. We added the nearby Steel Bridge as an illustration asset to the overall brand. This is communicated in the coasters and we did window art that creates an interesting pattern when the sun shines from outside in. 

Here are some of the creative ideas that brought us to the final brand. (see below)

Here is what the outside window looks like with the Steel Bridge illustration.


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