Stillwater Cold Brew Coffee

Stillwater Cold Brew Coffee



Package design is one of the strongest tools of visual communication and it is a big part of our daily lives. It affects the experience of how we shop, our emotional response to purchasing, lining up an aesthetic with our personal values as we grab a product off the shelf instead of another and much more. There is so much that goes into our purchasing decisions.

Stillwater Cold Brew Coffee is disrupting the market by developing a high-end quality product in the luxury goods sector with a moonshine style 750ml bottle and fresh new design. They came to us to develop a strong visual packaging and brand for their first launch in Fall of 2017.

We developed a brand and label design for four of their flavors. A top sticker that communicates the freshness of the product and date it was brewed gets placed at the top of the bottle. The label shape is a unique chevron and the new brand is bold and strong. For the exclusive line of products they will use a gold foil printing treatment. The Stillwater identity is a strong typographic solution that communicates clearly and also makes a beautiful sign where they brew and create their products.


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