Great Western Malt

Branding starts with a clear understanding of who a company is. We began our project scope with a two day workshop of internal Great Western Malt employees and developed a language, keywords and story that paved the way for a complete overhaul of their brand. This Northwest malt house is a 100 year old agribusiness company offering malt for brewers and distillers for the heart of their craft. We not only helped them with a new brand, but built their communications library with assets that they continue to use to strengthen their marketing and sales.

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Great Western Malt

02What We Solved

Great Western Malt is at the heart of the craft brewing and distilling industry. Beer and whisky are made with malt, from processed barley grown in the Pacific Northwest, Idaho, Montana and Northern California. This 80 year old agri-business company was very outdated and needed to speak to the craft brewing community more clearly and with up to date communication tools and approach. The challenge was to enhance the history of the company while still giving them a modern creative solution. Great Western Malt is a subsidiary of GrainCorp, an Australian agri-business company.

Most employees have been with GWM for many decades so we developed a unique brand governance strategy and satellite presentation for all employees along with a party for the new launch. This created excitement and anticipation for the company overhaul and was a clever way to get more of the internal brand ambassadors on board. We spent an average of 9 months with Great Western Malt and the results were fantastic. Watch the behind the scenes, BRAND IN THE MAKING RECAP. We gave new life into a stale brand and in return this grew their malt sales and customer retention.

What We Solved

• Brand Workshop and New Marketing Messaging
• Tagline development and Hashtags
• Rebranded the company
• Marketing Plan and Strategy
• Grew Social Media Channels
• Strengthened Brand Attention
• Grew Sales
• Innovative Package Design for Malt Bags

How We Did It

• Brand Audit
• Brand Workshop
• In-depth market research
• Modernized governance and brand
• Leverage company history  (resurrected a vintage brand)
• Establish a relevant brand voice

Great Western Malt agribusiness branding
Package Designs and Poster to promote the new bags
Internal signage that initiated brand governance and education with employees for the brand unveiling events in two locations
Great Western Malt web design agribusiness branding
Website re-design, branding video and responsive web apps for product information
Great Western Malt agribusiness branding
On-brand promotional items and a complete new photography library
An example of one bag, front, back and sell-sheets
New logo and image library

The Result

The company was able to appeal to a broader market of craft brewers and distillers as with their fresh look and feel instead of their outdated and stale brand they held for many years. In addition to the brand, we unveiled at the Craft Brewers Conference in Philadelphia with a new booth design, new bags, and print ads in all of the brewers magazines and zines.

From a static social media presence and outdated brand to a dynamic digital presence and a new modern look Pail re-branded this company from the inside out. Starting with a brand audit, brand workshop and in depth market research, we not only refreshed the look, feel and messaging but gave the GWM sales team tools to communicate and help them sell more malt and deepen relationships with their customers.

Working with PAIL has been truly inspiring as I’ve partnered with her recently on a global brand project for the beverage industry. PAIL really understands the beverage industry and takes that expertise into creating some amazing creative direction for their clients! — Marketing Director and Brand Strategist

Chris Bartell

Chris Bartell


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