A fresh approach was implemented into the new Grand Central Baking Cedar Mill store, and influenced the regional stores in the Pacific Northwest through our design solutions. We worked on this project initially in collaboration with a local Ad agency. Pail created visual brand solutions to communicate the GCB mission, digital menu boards, pastry signs for all fifteen stores, signage, t-shirts, sandwich wrap design, tote bags, interior/exterior color consult and more. 

Grand Central Baking package design bakery
Grand Central Baking signage branding
Grand Central Baking restaurant branding
Grand Central Baking signage branding
Grand Central Baking merchandise branding

Grand Central Bakery has 12 locations in the Pacific Northwest. They wanted to improve their new look and feel by testing out a brand new location in Cedar Mills. We helped them solve some interior and branding problems to accentuate the brand, attract new customers and solidify brand loyalty for longtime customers. The project was so successful that they rolled out the solutions into all of their stores and implemented the graphic solutions in all of their packaging design for grocery distribution.

After completing the branding for the Multnomah Whiskey Library, our client came to us needing a brand for the MWL cocktail lounge and bar, The Green Room. The Green Room was established as an alternate waiting room bar for the Whiskey Library patrons but today stands alone as a unique bar to imbibe.

Over the years it’s become it’s own destination. This quaint and beautifully designed bar from Elk Collective, is a one of a kind cocktail bar in Portland, Oregon.

Branding starts with a clear understanding of who a company is. We began our project scope with a two day workshop of internal Great Western Malt employees and developed a language, keywords and story that paved the way for a complete overhaul of their brand. This Northwest malt house is a 100 year old agribusiness company offering malt for brewers and distillers for the heart of their craft. We not only helped them with a new brand, but built their communications library with assets that they continue to use to strengthen their marketing and sales.

We launched the Multnomah Whiskey Library brand. The extensive branding work included: signage, brand, website, menu’s, and multiple designed materials.

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