Elixir® craft distillery, founded by Italian brothers Andrea and Mario Loreto in Eugene, Oregon, is dedicated to revivifying traditional spirits in the Italian tradition using the finest all-natural ingredients. All of our spirits are composed of pure McKenzie River water, neutral spirit and selected botanicals. We have designed the Iris Liqueur, Fernet, and the lastest, VER bottle re-design.

Zoiglhaus Brewing puts out a few seasonal brews per year. This dry-hopped Pilsner is one of a kind, and so is the design we came up with inspired by the Dr. Seuss era and style. This beer is fun, multi-layered and perfect for Spring and Summer. Fans are grabbing it off the shelf for the fun label and are pleasantly surprised by the beer, making it one of their favorites.

Awesome Sauce IPA is Ascendant Beer Company’s first can into the grocery market. We went with a brand forward design to support the personality of Ascendant. Brand awareness of this old town brewery was the main objective for its first grocery debut into the market.

Great Western Malt came to us to re-design thirty of their malt bags that brewers order to make their beer.

Combier asked us to design a USA facing website for their portfolio of products. Although this current site needs a tech update, we are still proud of the design and illustrations we did for them to host their portfolio of products and we love using Royal Combier for all of our margaritas!

Based in Healdsburg, California, Sonoma Cider came to us for brand management and the ongoing building of their creative assets. In our work with them we helped build a beautiful compact and travel ready event kit for tastings, keg collars, sell sheets and a custom package design for Costco.

D’Light Schwarzbier, is one of Zoiglhaus’ seasonal beers. This one came out in the Fall of 2019 and is gaining a lot of momentum in the beer world. The creative followed a mystical and dark essence, that helped communicate this dark and light German beer trickery: it tastes light, but looks dark.

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