Craft-oriented brands are expected to articulate their story
with originality, authenticity, and an interaction that differentiates them in the marketplace.

That’s why PAIL believes in a collaborative approach to define the brand story that’s as much gut-instinct as it is market-driven. Working with your core team, PAIL helps teams and their partners articulate their vision, shape it into a compelling narrative, and bring it to life through environments, packaging, and trade.


Jessica Bernert
Founder / Design Director


Jessica has been building brands for over twenty years. The tools and resources may change over time but one thing remains the same, brands need thoughtful design in order to communicate their true essence.

She prefers to support business's with similar values, and enjoys supporting other women in business.

Currently she shares her time between the island of Kauai, Hawaii half of the year and Portland, Oregon.

Her creativity continues in to her passion for oil painting and some of her latest works can be seen here.