Craft-oriented brands are expected to articulate their story with originality, authenticity, and an interaction that differentiates them in the marketplace.

That’s why PAIL believes in a collaborative approach to define the brand story that’s as much gut-instinct as it is market-driven. Working with your core team, PAIL helps teams and their partners articulate their vision, shape it into a compelling narrative, and bring it to life through environments, packaging, and trade.


Jessica Bernert

Creative Director / Founder

Building award winning brands since 2001, Jessica brings a left brain/right brain balance to overall branding. Her talented approach helps communicate how a brand is experienced in all of the touch-points in marketing and design.

How a brand lives and breathes in the world is her focus. Her understanding of people and how this is perceived in a visual way gives her the expertise that has helped many companies shift into successful clarity. With a BSS in Graphic Design and Sociology, her unique approach has brought substantial value to award winning brands. In her free time she continues to practice oil painting via Pail Art and volunteers for the AIGA Portland Mentorship program helping college students emerge into Design.


Brand Strategy, Identity & Branding,

Print, Digital & Web, Creative Campaigns / Marketing, Art Direction, 

Environmental & Exhibition