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Pail creates long term brand building.

Pail was founded in 2001 by Jessica Bernert. Throughout the years, we have seen many angles of business internally and externally but one thing remains the same, good design helps brands.

Building the brand is our expertise. We overemphasize the foundation work before the building, providing a thoughtful approach to your project. This foundation work is the key to a successful brand, and the thoughtful process to get the best results when hiring a designer.


Not quite sure where to start? Schedule a quick call with us to find out if we can help.




Jessica has been building brands for over twenty years but has been an artist and creative since she could hold a crayon. 

Post crayon days, she has won multiple awards, helped small and large business re-invent themselves and supported her family through that entrepreneurial spirit and grit for a few decades. Pail as a business, has survived three recessions and Jess continues to pivot and adapt to the changes of the world. One thing remains true, she enjoys helping authentic and value-centric brands succeed and look good.

Her creativity continues into her passion for oil painting and some of her latest works can be seen here.

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