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Video can be the best way to communicate your brand story or message. Here are a few examples

we've produced and directed. 

Solid Carbon
McMinnville, Oregon

Solid Carbon, in collaboration with Wilsonville Concrete, the Mayor of McMinnville and Remy Wines gives one of the first examples of Carbon Negative Concrete in Oregon.  On June 1, 2022 Solid Carbon poured a 5,000 square-foot carbon-negative concrete slab in Dayton, Oregon using the Drabkin-Mead Formulation, sequestering the equivalent of over 5.1 tons of Co2 in the floor of the Remy Wines Winery. We helped with communicating this inspiring story.

GrainCorp Malt  (now United Malt)
Sydney, Australia

The objective for this video was to unite the international malt houses during their annual conference and strengthen their brand messaging.

Syngenta for NUCOFFEE
Sao Paulo, Brazil

A video was created to highlight the NUCOFFEE brand at the Specialty Coffee Association conference.

GrainCorp Malt
Vancouver, WA + Sydney Office

This was an initial video created for a large corporate meeting to lay the foundation of brand work for United Malt. We art directed and created graphics, messaging and voiceover and produced this video for the clients presentation at the Craft Brew Conference opening.

Vancouver, WA + Sydney Office

How do you make a work conference look cool? We followed this team of GrainCorp employees around for a week, most of them from all over the world to congregate in Vancouver, Washington for their annual malt conference. Anyone who couldn't attend could view how it went and gave the attendees something to see after they got home.

Great Western Malt
Vancouver, WA

This video encompasses the marketing foundation work and branding we did for Great Western. It lives on their home page of the website and communicates their brand pillars, messaging and people.

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