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Monterey Motel 

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Established in 1937, The Monterey Motel is the classic Route 66 motel that feels like a typical stereotype from movies you see. Palindrome Communities with Somos Hospitality purchased this property for a renovation and we helped create the re-brand and look and feel for the MOMO Bar and the Motel, appealing to a youthful, travel oriented demographic.


Branding, Website, Signage, Merch


Somos Hospitality with PacifiCap Construction




The renovation of an old historic building while maintaining some vintage elements all while modernizing the look and feel. We used shapes of the historic sign, and created air and texture to update the brand.

We created a campaign called, MAP YOUR STORY that connects to social media for travelers to tell their story and experience that ties back to this historical landmark.

Problems We Solved


The MoMo Lounge brand at the hotel is a cocktail bar for guests to have drinks and lounge. We came up with this brand and signage for the motel. It now attracts not only travelers, but local Albuquerque residents.

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