Shifters Cocktail Bar

When we first started this project it was a delapitated old building with a lot of remodel to be done. As the creative director, I established the theme with my team, (vintage service station) and came up with the name, Shifters. I aided in color, design, layout, brand, and interior. The most interesting part of this project was the art installation. I started the idea of finding old hub caps and we purchased 200 of them, painted them the same color as the wall and created texture with the design. It was a subtle way of playing into the theme without being 'tacky' with auto and car decor.


Brand / Naming

Interior Brand Walls / Paint Color

Art Installation

Managed Construction Team


Somos Hospitality Group




Bringing a designer in during construction phase is helpful for a smooth layout and planning.


The bar was a narrow space but intimate. We painted the entire space in the same color to create a cozy bar and emphasized lighting techniques to enhance the details.

Shifters Patio