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Solid Carbon

Solid Carbon is leading the way with their carbon neutral concrete solutions. We helped with their initial brand video and whitepapers, including a look and feel for the communications and sales papers.


Art Direction

Brand Video

White Paper

Style Guide


Solid Carbon




Concrete That's A Part Of The Solution,
Not the Problem.

SOLID CARBON provides concrete admixtures and ingredients for durable carbon sequestration in the built environment. 

One of the first examples of Carbon Negative Concrete in Oregon is showcased here in this case study with Remy Wines. On June 1, 2022 Solid Carbon poured a 5,000 square-foot carbon-negative concrete slab in Dayton, Oregon using the Drabkin-Mead Formulation, sequestering the equivalent of over 5.1 tons of Co2 in the floor of the Remy Wines Winery. We helped with communicating this inspiring story.

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